Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Makeup Brush Set Review & Giveaway!

I received a set of the oval brushes that are taking the beauty world by storm. The company My Makeup Brush Set reached out to me and sent me some brushes to try and and review. I also received a set to share with my subscribers. Check out the video and subscribe to my youtube channel for your chance to win!     Brittany 💓💃

Monday, February 20, 2017

Trying Sugarpill Shadows For The First Time...

I had a job coming up where the client needed a very intense purple... but not shimmer. Purple is one of my favorite shadow colors and famously one of the hardest colors for companies to get perfect and rich with pigment. Then I thought of Sugarpill. I've heard so many people swear by their purple.. oddly enough I've tried several times to order their palette with the purple shadow included but it is always sold out. Well I found out they now have individual pans you can buy and the purple was in stock!! So I ordered the the purple (Poison Plum) , yellow (Buttercupcake) & a pink (Dollipop) 
The purple is indeed out of this world. It puts my Makeup Forever purple to shame which is saying a lot being that the Sugarpill pans are $10 and MUFE pans are $21. It has in an instant become my favorite purple shadow. It's a true to life grape purple that totally packs a punch. What a shame I'm just getting it!! Yellow is another favorite shadow of mine. I love yellow shadow on deeper skin tones. That yellow is crazy. I am completely in love. It blows any matte yellow I have out the water. My favorite yellow shimmer is by Inglot... but this matte yellow, just wow! And the pink. I don't have any stand out pink mattes in my collection. So I figured I would pick that one up. It is so intense it's overwhelming. It's's a very blue based, high pigment pink that reminds me of MAC's candy yum yum lipstick. Not for the timid!                                                                            Perfect for Me. Lol
These Sugarpill shadows are no joke. If you are on the market for shadows that have some serious pigment and last for hours (they lasted a full 7 hours, no creasing on me) these are the ones to try. I will DEFINITELY be getting more. Princess Brittany approved! 💃💋

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rimmel London's MAGNIFY'EYES SHADOW Palette: Review

I love that drugstore companies ie: Revlon, Maybelline,etc have started making full on palettes. But, in my opinion they are too expensive and of sub par quality. I've tried them and all and haven't really liked any of them. Wet n Wild remains a favorite with their smaller palettes that are excellent quality, amazing pigmentation... they actually rival their high end counter parts. And NYX is a long time favorite and has always been consistent with their eye shadows. But Revlon, Maybelline, L'Oreal. and Covergirl really shocked me. Covergirl just released something new that looks promising! I'll be checking it out 😜
But Rimmel... BAM! These new 12 pan highly pigmented, smooth, very good quality palettes blew me away! My only gripe is they need to come out with more palettes... more color! I've warn these shadows on four different occasions so I have a pretty good barometer of how they work. I've used the darker shadows as liner and the bluish grey in the middle as a light wash of color during the day and they lasted a full day. Got home and it looked just as it did when I applied it more than 7 hours prior. I've done full smoky eye looks in different variations out at night and it stood up all night with no fading. I did use an eye primer, I never wear eye shadow without a primer.

The shadows swatch well and apply to the eye with equal intensity. I can honestly say that each and every shadow is rich in pigment and performance. If I were to nit pick the 2 near the middle (to the right of the bluish one) look very similar on the eye. One is a dark grey and one is kind of khaki army green. They are a little indistinguishable when applied. But if that's the only real complaint from a 12 pan palette that you can get for $7.99 I think that's pretty awesome. I see me getting a lot of use out of this one. That's what you want when you spend your money on something. No matter the price. DEFINITELY Princess Brittany approved! 💋💃

                                                              (swatches below)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Face Primers by RIMMEL

My all time favorite primer is the award winning Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Until recently when it came to a drugstore alternative I would always suggest Revlon's. Recently I kept hearing so much about the RIMMEL primer from other youtubers and bloggers I had to give it a shot.
Much to my surprise once finding them in my local CVS I realized how inexpensive they are and there were 3 of them! Of course I got all three.
I will start with my least favorite. Ok... fine. I don't like it. The Fix & Perfect Primer #001
(far right above) It does nothing for me. It's a creamy peachy color and all it does on my brown skin is make me ashy and it does not prolong the wear of my foundation. It's as if I'm not even wearing a primer. Luckily it was only $6.49 so I don't feel so bad.
The next one I really like. The Fix & Perfect Pro Primer #002 (middle above)
It promises to smooth, resurface, brighten, mattify, and protect your foundation. And also prolong it's wear. I can agree with all these things. It goes on smoothly, it's a creamy white substance that blends into your skin doesn't leave a cast like the other one. I feel it's a great primer in moderate weather. It's downfall is if it's too warm/hot out it ceases to perform after a few hours and it's mattifying properties become nonexistent. Otherwise for the price $6.99, you're getting a pretty decent product. I would recommend it if you're going to work, school, etc but not for extended use outdoors.
The third one... the Stay Matte Primer is my favorite. (first on left above)
This primer gets right to the point. It says it will control shine for up to 8 hours and that its ultra light formula will minimize the appearance of your pores. And it does just that. It is indeed extremely light weight, you will feel as though you're not wearing a primer at all. And, it really does last a long time. It promises 8 hours and I actually got close to 10!  If you can keep me matte that long you're a winner in my book! I use this one the most easily. At $7.99 it was the most of the bunch but still quite affordable. My Smashbox primer is over $30 so it's all a bargain to me.
The Stay Matte Primer is one I would definitely repurchase. 
In comparison none of these offer as smooth a base as Smashbox or other high end primers I'm sure but the last two absolutely do their job and are well worth your money. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Antonio Lopez for MAC Cosmetics!

If you know me you I don't get excited about MAC and their countless collections. Well they finally have my attention and that hasn't happened since the Wonder Woman collection. MAC is releasing a limited edition collection inspired by the iconic puerto rican fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez! In his short life the legendary Lopez made an unforgettable mark in fashion. Three of his muses (pictured above) Marisa Berenson, Jerry Hall and Pat Cleveland have joined forces in the fabulous promotion. Just seeing these groundbreaking models who are legends in their own right come together to pay tribute to their friend is enticement enough for me! 
Here's one of Lopez' illustrations and one of the palettes I can hardly wait to get my hands on. You know I loves me some purple! Looks like I'll be doing a little MAC shopping! The collection debuts in the fall on September 12th and runs till about October 12th. Mark your calenders!