Monday, June 7, 2010

My NEW Foundation!

My new foundation isn't really new at all, but it's new for me. I have been wearing Dermablend for years. It's always been my must-have. I've always had a second choice for those occasions when I run out and have no time to get to the stores that carry it. That second choice of late had been a foundation stick by a company called BlackOpal. They cater to people of color and they're shades are complimentary. But lately I've noticed the longer your day or night goes on you become so greasy and have to powder your face endlessly so not to be shining like the sun. I've used the IMAN Foundation Stick before but never really appreciated it. It was someone else (who I recommended it to) that sang it's praises and told me how matte her makeup was even on the hottest and most of humid days . I gave it a try again and it is FABULOUS! Excellent coverage, so smooth.. incredibly matte! It is just as good as Dermabland. I had to powder so infrequently it felt weird lol. I've been wearing it ever since. Dermablend is just sitting in the makeup case. AND it's only $14.99 compared to Dermablend's $32.00. I swear to you it gives equal results!


  1. You told me to wear this three years ago Brittany and I still wear it it, Its great!

  2. Brittany I got all three of these! lol
    Thank you for everything. See you next week