Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dare to Wear with Revlon ColorStay

I'm using this look for 2 purposes... officially trying out the ColorStay foundation by Revlon and FunnyFace Beauty's Dare To Wear Challenge. Kill 2 birds with one stone ;)
Well, the ColorStay foundation is nice but it did not blow my mind. I can recommend it, it gives decent coverage and it's easy enough to work with. I will say this, if your looking for light coverage this isn't for you... the end result is pretty opaque. It's supposed to last a full day.. I only used it for a few hours so I can't attest to that, but it's such a thick substantial finish I could see where it might.. but you'll have to see for yourself. I can't see myself wearing this often at all, it doesn't compare to my IMAN.. but it's nice, perhaps a nice dupe for me. 
As for the look: it's my submission to Alicia's Dare To Wear Challenge on her blog FunnyFace Beauty. The inspiration is a look Miley Cyrus had in her last music video.  What I took from the inspiration was wild hair, smoky eyes, very light blush & a strong lip... there were feathered lashes, I left that out to give it a less costumey look...

Alicia's Blog: FunnyFace Beauty

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Revlon ColorStay & Mini Haul

After hearing and reading so much about Revlon's ColorStay I have been dying to try it for myself. So many guru's on blog and video have been singing it's praises for a while. I have long been a proponent of the fact that Revlon, Maybelline, Max Factor and the like didn't supply adequate foundations for people of color. They didn't offer many shades when it came to the deeper tones and the ones they did had a tendency to make you look ashy. So my interest was piqued when I saw all the blogers & vlogers with women of color praising ColorStay.... and now I am in agreement! It's fabulous! I've tried it out... it gives great coverage, and it's a good match to my skin tone. I got it in Cappuccino, and they have several deeper tones! While I was at Rite-Aid they had a buy 1 get 1 free sale on certain brands... the only thing that wasn't sold out that I use was N.Y.C. So.. I got their Bronzer (which I love & use all the time) and the Translucent Loose Powder (just got because it was half off.. hope I like it!) and Wet n Wild Mega Mixers Lip Balm in Berry Fizz.
I'll be posting a look using the Revlon ColorStay very soon.... xoxo

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspiration For The Week: Vanessa!

Vanessa Williams is and has always been one of the most beautiful women on this planet. She is the queen of neutral tones.. I love her makeup style! She does the neutrals to perfection! Even back in the days when she was having problems with her skin she was unmistakably striking. Those days are long gone after she discovered Proactive. From those piercing grey eyes to that gorgeous smile and formidable talents it's easy to see why she became the first black Miss America. I love her pretty, soothing singing voice and thoroughly enjoyed her on Ugly Betty. Can't wait till this Sunday when she joins the vast of Desperate Housewives... haven't been excited about that show in ages! I love this beautiful, classy Lady! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rihanna 'Who's That Chick' Look

Here's my version of the look Rihanna has in the video 'Who's That Chick'. This is my version not an exact replica. I love Rihanna :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashion Week In NYC!

From Fashion Night Out in NYC (which I primarily spent @ Patricia Field's Boutique) to the premier of the fashion line VON last Friday I was all over town for Fashion Week in NYC. 
Monica Loren and I 
Verushka Music and I

Paul Alexander and I

Brian, Bella (of Constellation) and I

Jamie and I
Krissy of Constellation and I

Fashion Week was lots of fun! Can't wait for the next one! ;) xoxo

Makeup details after the jump...

Favorite E.L.F.!

I was running out of recent favorite E.L.F. product the 'Waterproof Eyeliner Pen' It is the most amazing pen. It's fabulous.. and for the price you just can't beat it! Honestly I've bought other similar pens and they weren't half as good. I went to my nearby Target to get a new one, they had 3 left and I just got all 3! I hate ordering E.L.F. products I can get right at Target.. I mean why pay the shipping?! Of  course while I was there I got some other things. Got a Concealer Brush (I intend to use to apply creme shadows), the Bronzing Brush (I'll use for highlight) and the Brightening Eyeliner,  I honestly am not crazy about the liner.. I like the accompanying sharpener ;)

Next I got: the Eye Makeup Remover Pads. I like to use their Complexion Perfection Powder as a highlight but they were out :-( I got the Clarifying Pressed Powder in Honey instead (we'll see :-/ ), then I got 2 more of the Super Glossy Lip Shines in Watermelon and Malt Shake. By the by... these are amazing. Great as a gloss in addition to a lipstick or on it's own, the color pay off is pretty cool. And they have SPF in them, have a fruity taste and not very sticky like a lot of the lip glosses. This is one of their better products as well. Don't sleep on E.L.F. girls they have some cute stuff! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Latest NYX Products

I have some new NYX products to add to my collection... I just love NYX. I'm building up my collection of their stuff. Got a few new pieces: a 5 piece pallete named I Dream Of ST. Lucia from The Caribbean Collection. Rich vibrant colors, it's gorgeous... anyone who knows me knows how I love color! (pallete is on top). Then I got 6 of their Loose Pearl Powder's (from left to right) in the colors of: Black, Walnut, Fanta, True Purple, Space and Very Pink. I seriously cannot pick just one of these. The colors are ALL so rich & pigmented it's truly fabulous! These are a must have. Trust me I will be getting more, I wanted to get a few to see if I really liked it... well I do! Highly recommended. Pictured next to the NYC products is a new mascara I got while attending Fashion Night Out @ Patricia Field's in NYC. One word: Amazing! This is the best mascara I've had in a long time. It's the Falsies Volume Express by Maybelline. After applying very little product I swear it thickens your lashes so much & so quickly it'll blow your mind. I'm lucky I got a bunch of them and for free! so I won't run out for quite sometime :) Give this a try!  
As I do looks with the new NYX colors I will share. Till next time... xoxo

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inspiration For The Week

This is my first in what will be my series of what inspires me in beauty for the week. It my not be each and every week, I will update as I am inspired. I always think it's a good thing to have inspiration in what ever you do. The things that inspire you feed your creativity and  give you purpose. Iman is perfect to start of the series... she is Divine! At 55 years young she is still one of the most vibrant, relevant and most iconic trend setting beauty's of our time. She is Classic. I remain in awe of this accomplished woman. Thanks for inspiring me Iman!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My 'Wearable' Dare To Wear Look

One of my favorite Blogs & one I follow is having a Dare To Wear Challenge. Here is my entry. After considering to go all out with a Runway look I decided to take another angle. I decided to take the extreme looks from the prototype photos and do something you can wear almost anywhere. I kept certain elements... the bold Orange, the exaggerated contour & highlight and made it something a bit more relatable. I added an extra pop of color with a Burgandy brow! It is still a statement look... live a little and try it out! ;-) Visit Alicia's Blog "FunnyFace Beauty" and enter if you DARE !
Here's a link to the contest: FunnyFace Beauty's "Dare To Wear Contest"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This is the look I did this past Labor Day weekend. Using the new colors I got last week from my Mini-Drug Store Haul. The new Revlon Primer I got is pretty cool. I'll admit I've gotten so used to the Smashbox primer but it's a nice dupe. I absolutely LOVE the Wet n Wild Creme Liner! It really is amazing...especially for the price. It's $3.99. Much better than the one by HIP which is $15! Big thanks to Tatiana Ward for that recommendation, her site   
I used the Prestige Duo on the eyes and also added Makeup Forever's Blue Eyeshadow to give the Prestige blue an extra pop. And I used e.l.f.'s Pink Kiss lip gloss. Here's the link for new products I used: Drugstore Mini-Haul
more detail after the jump...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Drugstore Mini-Haul

Ok. This drugstore excursion started out as a means for me to get a Primer. I have run out of my Primer (by Smashbox) Eeeek! Can't fathom doing my make up without a Primer. So... I saw where a drugstore chain in NYC 'Duane Reade' was having a sale on all lip products by Prestige. My intention was to get a bunch of lipsticks and a Primer. Didn't feel like traveling to get my Smashbox so I was going to give either the Loreal or Revlon a shot. Revlon won that little war! Revlon's Beyond Natural Primer... can't wait to try it out. But, my lipsticks... seems everyone else took advantage of the Prestige sale as well. Only found one I liked :(  A nice  kind of deep mauve shade called Rave. Also picked up a eye shadow duo by Prestige with a gorgeous  deep navy blue & creamy beige, both with a shimmer. Another but.. There was also a sale on Covergirl eye shadows! $2 off of the quads. I Found a nice one with rich vibrant colors called Tropical Fusion. Then I got the Wet n Wild Creme Eyeliner so many bloggers I've been noticing rave about so. Gonna finally give it a shot. And a Jordana retractable eyeliner... and old favorite! Then... I stopped at Walgreen's to get something else and noticed they had Covergirl eye shadows on sale as well... but 1 get 1 free! Well... you know I did! One in shimmering Onyx and the other Tapestry Taupe. Will load pictures this weekend and show what these colors look like on!

* I took a second picture of the Prestige Duo & Lipsticks, I didn't think it was clear enough in the 1st picture. And.. the Covergirl Quad's colors are richer than the picture shows... I tried my best ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Favorite Affordable Makeup


Everyone knows (or should know) that a good makeup case consists of makeup of all price points. That idea that only the major companies make good effective makeup has long been proven untrue. That being said we all have our favorite brands of both top shelf and bargain makeup. I notice that a lot of bloggers and vloggers like the Wet n Wild and NYC brand. I like Wet n Wild for the lip glosses and the gel liner,and NYC for the glosses as well. But when it comes to color I don't get the pigment I need from them for my liking... for that I like the brand Prestige. I love Prestige for their eyes shadows, lipsticks, glosses and I even like their bronzer. The pigment is excellent and shadows are long lasting and can be used wet or dry. My only wish is that they would add more colors. Depending on the drugstore in your area the shadows & lipsticks are priced between three and five dollars. A good online store that carries a lot of their product is:

Eye Shadow Duo
Eye Shadow