Friday, September 3, 2010

Drugstore Mini-Haul

Ok. This drugstore excursion started out as a means for me to get a Primer. I have run out of my Primer (by Smashbox) Eeeek! Can't fathom doing my make up without a Primer. So... I saw where a drugstore chain in NYC 'Duane Reade' was having a sale on all lip products by Prestige. My intention was to get a bunch of lipsticks and a Primer. Didn't feel like traveling to get my Smashbox so I was going to give either the Loreal or Revlon a shot. Revlon won that little war! Revlon's Beyond Natural Primer... can't wait to try it out. But, my lipsticks... seems everyone else took advantage of the Prestige sale as well. Only found one I liked :(  A nice  kind of deep mauve shade called Rave. Also picked up a eye shadow duo by Prestige with a gorgeous  deep navy blue & creamy beige, both with a shimmer. Another but.. There was also a sale on Covergirl eye shadows! $2 off of the quads. I Found a nice one with rich vibrant colors called Tropical Fusion. Then I got the Wet n Wild Creme Eyeliner so many bloggers I've been noticing rave about so. Gonna finally give it a shot. And a Jordana retractable eyeliner... and old favorite! Then... I stopped at Walgreen's to get something else and noticed they had Covergirl eye shadows on sale as well... but 1 get 1 free! Well... you know I did! One in shimmering Onyx and the other Tapestry Taupe. Will load pictures this weekend and show what these colors look like on!

* I took a second picture of the Prestige Duo & Lipsticks, I didn't think it was clear enough in the 1st picture. And.. the Covergirl Quad's colors are richer than the picture shows... I tried my best ;)


  1. the mascara is def worth trying!!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It was very sweet!