Monday, September 20, 2010

Favorite E.L.F.!

I was running out of recent favorite E.L.F. product the 'Waterproof Eyeliner Pen' It is the most amazing pen. It's fabulous.. and for the price you just can't beat it! Honestly I've bought other similar pens and they weren't half as good. I went to my nearby Target to get a new one, they had 3 left and I just got all 3! I hate ordering E.L.F. products I can get right at Target.. I mean why pay the shipping?! Of  course while I was there I got some other things. Got a Concealer Brush (I intend to use to apply creme shadows), the Bronzing Brush (I'll use for highlight) and the Brightening Eyeliner,  I honestly am not crazy about the liner.. I like the accompanying sharpener ;)

Next I got: the Eye Makeup Remover Pads. I like to use their Complexion Perfection Powder as a highlight but they were out :-( I got the Clarifying Pressed Powder in Honey instead (we'll see :-/ ), then I got 2 more of the Super Glossy Lip Shines in Watermelon and Malt Shake. By the by... these are amazing. Great as a gloss in addition to a lipstick or on it's own, the color pay off is pretty cool. And they have SPF in them, have a fruity taste and not very sticky like a lot of the lip glosses. This is one of their better products as well. Don't sleep on E.L.F. girls they have some cute stuff! 


  1. You are right darlin' they've got such a great stuff!
    ove theyr glosses :)

  2. I love ELF! The brushes are amazing x

  3. Ever since you introduced me to ELF I've loved them. I'm ordering they're new palette. Love the glosses!

  4. hey , i am ready to get my first ELF products ..they are so inexpensive !!!! I also have to get my hands on some NYX also !!! thanx for sharing and stopping by my blog ! you will be added to my giveaway !