Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Favorite Affordable Makeup


Everyone knows (or should know) that a good makeup case consists of makeup of all price points. That idea that only the major companies make good effective makeup has long been proven untrue. That being said we all have our favorite brands of both top shelf and bargain makeup. I notice that a lot of bloggers and vloggers like the Wet n Wild and NYC brand. I like Wet n Wild for the lip glosses and the gel liner,and NYC for the glosses as well. But when it comes to color I don't get the pigment I need from them for my liking... for that I like the brand Prestige. I love Prestige for their eyes shadows, lipsticks, glosses and I even like their bronzer. The pigment is excellent and shadows are long lasting and can be used wet or dry. My only wish is that they would add more colors. Depending on the drugstore in your area the shadows & lipsticks are priced between three and five dollars. A good online store that carries a lot of their product is:

Eye Shadow Duo
Eye Shadow

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  1. I have bought a lipstick from them before a while back. I'll give their products a second look. Thank you!