Sunday, September 26, 2010

Revlon ColorStay & Mini Haul

After hearing and reading so much about Revlon's ColorStay I have been dying to try it for myself. So many guru's on blog and video have been singing it's praises for a while. I have long been a proponent of the fact that Revlon, Maybelline, Max Factor and the like didn't supply adequate foundations for people of color. They didn't offer many shades when it came to the deeper tones and the ones they did had a tendency to make you look ashy. So my interest was piqued when I saw all the blogers & vlogers with women of color praising ColorStay.... and now I am in agreement! It's fabulous! I've tried it out... it gives great coverage, and it's a good match to my skin tone. I got it in Cappuccino, and they have several deeper tones! While I was at Rite-Aid they had a buy 1 get 1 free sale on certain brands... the only thing that wasn't sold out that I use was N.Y.C. So.. I got their Bronzer (which I love & use all the time) and the Translucent Loose Powder (just got because it was half off.. hope I like it!) and Wet n Wild Mega Mixers Lip Balm in Berry Fizz.
I'll be posting a look using the Revlon ColorStay very soon.... xoxo


  1. Thats great Brittany. How much is the Color Stay and is the powders they offer just as good?

  2. I tryed the beyond natural from Revlon but concerning the color saty I don't know, coz some ppl say good things and other really bad things, so...
    Hope to have soon your feeling about it :)
    BTW great haul ;)

  3. @Rhada: It is $13.00 and I don't know about the powders. Honestly I don;t know if I'll be trying them. The reason I got the foundation, I been looking for a good liquid, but I'm very happy with the powders I use.

    @liloo: I spot checked it & it matched my skin, very soon I'll be doing a whole look with it.. I'll post it. Thanks ;) xo