Monday, October 25, 2010

Concealer Palette

I got a new concealer palette I got recently, I got one for myself and one to use on clients. It has 15 shades that go from very fair to deep. I absolutely love it. I wanted to use it for a while before I blogged about it so... I've been using it everyday and it is fabulous! All but one of the colors are completely matte (upper right corner has a shimmer). Most colors are different variations of browns & beiges. The first column: top is a cream-white shimmer, middle is green & bottom is a purplish to that on the bottom row is pink. It's also very affordable, I paid $15 from a beauty supply store here in NYC. Check your local beauty supply store in the city you live, most have items like this. Nearly all major city's have them. If your not in a major city or can't find a beauty supply near you go to ebay. If you need different shades of concealers purchasing them separately can be very costly. xoxo

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inspiration For The Week: Eva!

Eva Jacqueline Longoria Parker the most gorgeous and most undesperate of the ABC hit Desperate Housewives. The 35 year old native Texan latina bombshell is one of the faces of L'Oreal and the first international spokesperson for the fashion line of BeBe. On Desperate Housewives she has is proof positive that you can be drop dead gorgeous and scene stealing hilarious. She recently debuted her signature fragrance Eva by Eva Longoria. The diminutive latina beauty is one of the most captivating beauty's on television today. Love her!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Smoky Eyes

Hi Everyone! Using the E.L.F 32 Eyeshadow Collection I did a smoky eye look. I tried to keep it only E.L.F. products.. only deviated slightly. 
Next will be a look using NYX products. A complete list of products used after the jump. xoxo

Friday, October 15, 2010

E.L.F. Haul

I needed some e.l.f. products that I couldn't get in the stores so I made an order. I think I buy from e.l.f. monthly ;)  here are the things I got....
Top row: Complexion Perfection Powder which I think is excellent for a highlight..and on a variety of skin tones. Next: Shielding Hydro Tint w/ SPF 15... it's a nice sheer cover moisturizer with a tint for when you don't want to wear a foundation & it's great it has the SPF. Next: The Cool Bronzer, this is a fabulous Bronzer! More details below! 
Bottom row: Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Coffee. I LOVE this product from them and I could not find it anywhere in the stores in this color.. all I ever see is Black, I really needed a brown. A Foundation Brush, pretty standard we know what they're like. I will say this I'm beginning to love e.l.f.'s brushes more & more every day. Next: A Creme Eyeshadow Duo in Sugar Cookie. I love to keep an arsenal of creme shadows, they double fabulously as an eye shadow base for certain looks.

Next I got a Palette: The 32 Piece Eyeshadow Collection. One of their newer products which I thought was really cute. I actually got a few of these and plan to use them as gifts.. the holidays are coming! I used it last night on a client and I like it very much. I've often said that e.l.f.'s palettes seem to have shadows with deeper pigment then the singular ones and this palette continues that thread, although to get optimal pay off you need to use a shadow base of some sort.
                                                     32 Piece Eyeshadow Collection

Ok. About the Cool Bronzer. When I got my order it was the only product in the package that was broken. I was devastated! Because.. this bronzer is FABULOUS!! I absolutely love this bronzer. I wear it without foundation  or when I want a more dramatic look over foundation. It is truly matte and lasts a long time. I've used it on other people and it works on so many different skin tones. This has become a must in my collection. And every time I try to get it from Target it's sold out. That's why I had to order it. When I saw it came all broken up I almost cried lol! But! When I called  e.l.f. the exemplary customer service staff was pleasant and quick to offer to send me a new one... free of charge. It came in three days woohoo! It's so nice to have a positive experience with customer service.. some other company's should take notice that that's the way you treat customers okay MAC? Okay! Just sayin' ;) And no I don't work for e.l.f. and I buy everything with my own money. xoxo
Here's the Cool Bronzer before & after...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inspiration For The Week: Rihanna!

The Barbadian beauty Robyn Rihanna Fenty better known simply just as Rihanna is a force of nature. She has built an impressive career amassing several number one singles in a short span of time and has become not only a trend setter but a beauty icon. At 22 years old Rihanna not only has a contract with a major recoding label but also a national contract with Cover Girl, a book on the way, a fragrance soon to be in stores and her first movie 'Battleship' in 2011. She came back stronger than ever after a very difficult period and proved we can't let unfortunate circumstances define who we are. Knowledge is power. She is a definite Inspiration. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Haul featuring NYX, Maybelline & a New Discovery!

I went to a local beauty supply store here NYC with the intention to get a new Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk which I got and an eyeshadow another makeup artist I met at a fashion show had Extreme Apricot (in the middle) which I got. I also got two new NYX eye shadows... to my surprise NYX has a shadow that is an exact dupe for one of favorite MAC shadows called Beauty Marked! I was floored... it's called Sensual and it's not only the exact same color in my opinion it's better! It's a dark nearly black color with a purplish hue with a gorgeous shimmer to it. Once again NYX has beat out MAC! (the NYX shadow on the left) I also got a third NYX shadow called Red Bean Pie (NYX shadow on right) It's a lightly frosted, kinda of mauve brownish color... looks gorgeous on my skin color. I plan on using this A LOT! Also by NYX I got the Studio Liquid Liner in Purple (above NYX shadows). Then I got a Lip Pencil by a company I had never purchased from before called Nicka K Cosmetics in Brown. Then I got a shadow by Nicka K (also called NK)....

Pictured above is the NK shadow.. High Definition Eye Shadow in #3031 which is a Purple Shimmer. It is one of the best shadows I have discovered in quite some time. Especially considering they are only $1.99 a piece! The pigment is simply out of this world! It's crazy! Highly recommended... give them a shot. I only bought one, I was trying it out... needless to say I'm going back to get several other shades! lol
Next I got Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Dark. I have to tell you this products pisses me off. Why? Because it is fabulous. The consistency is so rich and smooth, it goes on so easily like butter, it feels good on.. does not feel heavy.. sounds all good right? The only problem once again it's a product that does not compliment people with deeper colored skin as myself. The colors are varied until you get to the darker tones. Actually theres just one. I tried it and it gave me an orangy hue that just doesn't look natural. I could blend it with another color but it's time consuming... why can't they just make a wider array of colors? That's my only gripe. So if you are of a lighter skin tone this is great for you, if not... probably not. That's it for my haul,  till next time 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inspiration For The Week: Linda!

Linda Evangelista is one of the select few models who helped coin the phrase 'Supermodel' She made such a mark in fashion all you need to say is Linda and everyone knows who your talking about. The 5 ft 9 Canadian born Italian beauty is one of the most striking women in the world. Today at 45 she still is a force to be reckoned  with in her field... standing right next to other models half her age, her age defying beauty is captivating and awe inspiring. Known as the chameleon for the wide array of looks she effortlessly masters she was, is and will always be an inspiration for me. 
Love you Linda!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

September Favorites!

This past month there were a handful of things that made a lasting impression on me. Maybelline's Falsies Mascara: Fabulous! It elongates my lashes, leaves them dark and thick without clumping. ELF's Waterproof Eyeliner Pen: Amazing! It's crazy... at a fraction of the price of the other liner Pens it's much better! Love it! Prestige's Lipstick in Raven: Fantastic! It is the perfect shade for me. I wanted something light but not to light, with a hint of color... it's as if they made it just for me! NYX's Pearl Loose Powder Pigments: Crazy! It is the perfect dupe for MAC pigments. It's a forth of the price and just as good... if not better! I'm really falling in love with NYX! And last but definitely not least Rimmel's Nail Polish in Steel Gray: Gorgeous! It's the craze of the moment.. smoky nail colors. This one is great! It says Steel Grey but it has a hint of purple in it. I wear it all the time.. day or night. Get compliments all the time. But more importantly I Love it!
Lastly one thing I forgot to add so there's no photo.. ELF's Eye Shadow Remover Pads: Love it! They take off your eye make up quick & easy. No matter how heavy the liner or dark the shadow it erases it with ease. So those are my favs for Sept. 
I just bought a bunch of stuff so I have a haul coming and with a new line I discovered which I'm loving... soon as I get a chance I'll post it! Ciao xoxo