Thursday, October 7, 2010

Haul featuring NYX, Maybelline & a New Discovery!

I went to a local beauty supply store here NYC with the intention to get a new Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk which I got and an eyeshadow another makeup artist I met at a fashion show had Extreme Apricot (in the middle) which I got. I also got two new NYX eye shadows... to my surprise NYX has a shadow that is an exact dupe for one of favorite MAC shadows called Beauty Marked! I was floored... it's called Sensual and it's not only the exact same color in my opinion it's better! It's a dark nearly black color with a purplish hue with a gorgeous shimmer to it. Once again NYX has beat out MAC! (the NYX shadow on the left) I also got a third NYX shadow called Red Bean Pie (NYX shadow on right) It's a lightly frosted, kinda of mauve brownish color... looks gorgeous on my skin color. I plan on using this A LOT! Also by NYX I got the Studio Liquid Liner in Purple (above NYX shadows). Then I got a Lip Pencil by a company I had never purchased from before called Nicka K Cosmetics in Brown. Then I got a shadow by Nicka K (also called NK)....

Pictured above is the NK shadow.. High Definition Eye Shadow in #3031 which is a Purple Shimmer. It is one of the best shadows I have discovered in quite some time. Especially considering they are only $1.99 a piece! The pigment is simply out of this world! It's crazy! Highly recommended... give them a shot. I only bought one, I was trying it out... needless to say I'm going back to get several other shades! lol
Next I got Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Dark. I have to tell you this products pisses me off. Why? Because it is fabulous. The consistency is so rich and smooth, it goes on so easily like butter, it feels good on.. does not feel heavy.. sounds all good right? The only problem once again it's a product that does not compliment people with deeper colored skin as myself. The colors are varied until you get to the darker tones. Actually theres just one. I tried it and it gave me an orangy hue that just doesn't look natural. I could blend it with another color but it's time consuming... why can't they just make a wider array of colors? That's my only gripe. So if you are of a lighter skin tone this is great for you, if not... probably not. That's it for my haul,  till next time 


  1. my mouth waters !!!!! I have the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on my "Must get list !" does this help to make colors stand out ? Im hoping so , im having trouble getting the vibrancy i want..working on that !. :( Need to find a better primer probably ...By the way Have you ever used NYC products? are they a step down from NYX ?
    peace and love pretty lady

  2. I love the dream matte mousse but I think its stupid that they only have on colour for darker skin. Do you mind if I include that in my review? I will mentioned that you said that.
    Also i am so jealous that you have those nyx eyeshadows. We have nyx shadows here but not the same colours and yours sound way better. I love the sound of canada

  3. Fab haul, i wish it was as easy for us Londoners to get hold of NYX stuff. I'd love to try out more products x

  4. @Nasheikah: Thats exactly what I use the Jumbo Milk pencil for, I love it. And in my opinion NYC brand is good for example I love their Bronzer use it almost everyday, but the pigment the shadows can't stand up NYX. NYX is comparable MAC! Trust me

    @FunnyFaceBeaty: Feel free to add what I said in your review.. I love your blog! And yes I'm mad at Maybelline it really is a fabulous foundation... I just can't use it :(

    @Christina Marie: There's a girl on Ebay that sells the NYX line. She ships international & very low shipping... I've sent some friends abroad to her & I've even used her for some things I couldn't find in the store here... and she's cheaper than the NYX website. & Yes! It's brand new in the packaging ;)
    Let me know if your interested.. xx

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog , your words made me smile !
    and WOW ~ NYX is comparable MAC????? great , Im looking for a BRITE yellow for my brown skin ...So is the NYX brand sold in drug store or just on line ? If so , i'd like to fins out about the ebay seller.

    love and more love !!!

    Sweet Saturday to you !

  6. Thanks for introducing me to NYX Britany. I love their stuff. Your right its just as good as Mac if not better!