Saturday, October 2, 2010

September Favorites!

This past month there were a handful of things that made a lasting impression on me. Maybelline's Falsies Mascara: Fabulous! It elongates my lashes, leaves them dark and thick without clumping. ELF's Waterproof Eyeliner Pen: Amazing! It's crazy... at a fraction of the price of the other liner Pens it's much better! Love it! Prestige's Lipstick in Raven: Fantastic! It is the perfect shade for me. I wanted something light but not to light, with a hint of color... it's as if they made it just for me! NYX's Pearl Loose Powder Pigments: Crazy! It is the perfect dupe for MAC pigments. It's a forth of the price and just as good... if not better! I'm really falling in love with NYX! And last but definitely not least Rimmel's Nail Polish in Steel Gray: Gorgeous! It's the craze of the moment.. smoky nail colors. This one is great! It says Steel Grey but it has a hint of purple in it. I wear it all the time.. day or night. Get compliments all the time. But more importantly I Love it!
Lastly one thing I forgot to add so there's no photo.. ELF's Eye Shadow Remover Pads: Love it! They take off your eye make up quick & easy. No matter how heavy the liner or dark the shadow it erases it with ease. So those are my favs for Sept. 
I just bought a bunch of stuff so I have a haul coming and with a new line I discovered which I'm loving... soon as I get a chance I'll post it! Ciao xoxo

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  1. That Rimmel nail varnish looks so nice!! I may try the mascara next :)