Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's HAUL Time!

I got a bunch of different things recently on my trip to the mall. Got some other stuff for holiday gifts that I obviously wont be posting. Here's all the stuff I got for myself. Who can can go shopping and not get stuff for they're self? Certainly not me! LOL Excuse the blurriness of some of this pics... it just wouldn't come clearer & I just didn't have the time! ;)

I use IMAN's foundations all the time but had yet to try the liquid that came out a few months back. I finally got the Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup in Earth 3. A special holiday package of it came with a foundation brush. I'm glad I waited the brush is fabulous! Now I'm on a mission to get the normal size brush. I'm in love with the mini version. And the liquid foundation it self it quite good. Just what I expected.. the sticks & cremes are excellent. ($14.99)

I also got the SuperStay Liquid Foundation by Maybelline. It's the sister to Revlon's ColorStay (which I LOVE!) so I was eager to see what it's like. I've tried it out and it had the long wear it promises but as always my issue with Maybelline is their choice in colors. People with darker skin as myself are hard pressed to find and exact match in Maybelline. I had to mix it with something else to get it to look natural & indeed match me... otherwise it's too orangy. ($10.99)

Got some lotions and a fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works. Black Amethyst Lotion, Midnight Pomegranate Lotion & Dark Kiss Fragrance Mist. I love their stuff.. the lotions are so creamy and the fragrances are not too overpowering. They had a big sale going on this trio was $10.
Lastly I got some ELF products. An Angeled Eyeshadow Brush ($1), an Eyeliner & Shadow Stick ($3). This is a great product! The shadow side is a metallic green & the liner is in moss (a darker green). I would love to see them make this in more colors! And a Studio Eyeshadow in Butter Cream ($3). This color is Amazing! It is perfect for a highlight color on the eyes for me. I've worn it everyday I've done my makeup since I bought it! And then I got a blush by IMAN. I love it! It has a slight shimmer and the color works great for me. It gives me a red cheek without being too red. This color is called Peace. ($10) 
Brittany xoxo

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's Going On?

Taking a moment say hello. I wanted to say hello to all the cool people I've met since having this blog. It's such a great experience to share with other people that are as passionate about makeup and fashion as I am. We learn things from one another, see different aspects of products that you maybe wouldn't have otherwise. Whether from a practicing MAU or a beginner you can always learn something new from someone. Some of my favorite blogs that I look forward to are She Does Make Up , Christina Marie Says... , FunnyFace Beauty , GossMakeupArtist , Lilo and Co , Eye Candy and more. 
A few questions I'm asked frequently:
I started doing makeup professionally in the late 90's when I got the job as the principle makeup artist for a group called Fama Cinco. The group comprised of 5 guys was quite a learning experience. I had to learn to make them up without it looking like they were wearing makeup. Inadvertently that teaches you so much, you don't even realize it at the time. 
People keep asking why I don't do tutorials! I will...ok LOL It's something definitely in the plans for 2011! I promise ;)
The other thing is give aways. I'm at 19 followers now & after asking some other bloggers whats a good number to do your fist giveaway I've settled on 30. Once I get 30 followers I'll have a nice giveaway. Lord knows I need to give away something.. I buy makeup like I have a drug habit! LOL
   Stay beautiful! 
           Brittany xoxo

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wet n Wild Palette & New Nail Colors

I made a decision to be conscious of buying makeup with such abandon. I see.. I buy. It's not easy, but I'm a work in progress :) But, when I saw the Wet n Wild Lust Palette I've read so much about I could not resist. I mean it's inexpensive right? It's been largely said it's an excellent dupe for the NARS duo Eurydice. Well I'm here to tell you it completely true! It's quite shocking. Eurydice is a duo that costs $32 and Lust is a palette that costs $4.99 who would have imagined! Wet n Wild has definitely stepped up their game girls I would encourage giving their stuff a shot. Of course now I have to get some of the other palettes lol... how could I not!? 
Then I got two new nail polishes. One by SinfulColors in Fiji (Purple) at $3.99. The color payoff is not as deep as the bottle leads you to believe, but after wearing it I really like it. It's a very vibrant purple and has a slight shimmer. The other is by LA Colors. There isn't a color description on the bottle but it's a dark eggplant kind of color. I bought it because I've been wanting an alternative to black, something dark yet not so dark. I was online in a bargain store, saw it in the corner of my eye and grabbed it... it was only $1.99. I love it! It also wears pretty well... I wore it 3 days and had very minimal chipping. It's becoming more & more evident you can get quality for less.