Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wet n Wild Palette & New Nail Colors

I made a decision to be conscious of buying makeup with such abandon. I see.. I buy. It's not easy, but I'm a work in progress :) But, when I saw the Wet n Wild Lust Palette I've read so much about I could not resist. I mean it's inexpensive right? It's been largely said it's an excellent dupe for the NARS duo Eurydice. Well I'm here to tell you it completely true! It's quite shocking. Eurydice is a duo that costs $32 and Lust is a palette that costs $4.99 who would have imagined! Wet n Wild has definitely stepped up their game girls I would encourage giving their stuff a shot. Of course now I have to get some of the other palettes lol... how could I not!? 
Then I got two new nail polishes. One by SinfulColors in Fiji (Purple) at $3.99. The color payoff is not as deep as the bottle leads you to believe, but after wearing it I really like it. It's a very vibrant purple and has a slight shimmer. The other is by LA Colors. There isn't a color description on the bottle but it's a dark eggplant kind of color. I bought it because I've been wanting an alternative to black, something dark yet not so dark. I was online in a bargain store, saw it in the corner of my eye and grabbed it... it was only $1.99. I love it! It also wears pretty well... I wore it 3 days and had very minimal chipping. It's becoming more & more evident you can get quality for less. 


  1. that pallate so lovely ! i found one in walgreens and dropped it in the store by accident !!!! ugh ! ugly scene !!!they are sold out all over my city now !!!! I'm so bummed ..trying one more place tomorrow before i call it a wrap !!!

  2. I just popped in to say hi and I see the love and the link that you shared ! thank you sooooo much I send the love right back babe ! I think 30 is a magical # !!!!!

    and thank you so much for your post , you made me squeal and smile !!!!!!

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