Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's Going On?

Taking a moment say hello. I wanted to say hello to all the cool people I've met since having this blog. It's such a great experience to share with other people that are as passionate about makeup and fashion as I am. We learn things from one another, see different aspects of products that you maybe wouldn't have otherwise. Whether from a practicing MAU or a beginner you can always learn something new from someone. Some of my favorite blogs that I look forward to are She Does Make Up , Christina Marie Says... , FunnyFace Beauty , GossMakeupArtist , Lilo and Co , Eye Candy and more. 
A few questions I'm asked frequently:
I started doing makeup professionally in the late 90's when I got the job as the principle makeup artist for a group called Fama Cinco. The group comprised of 5 guys was quite a learning experience. I had to learn to make them up without it looking like they were wearing makeup. Inadvertently that teaches you so much, you don't even realize it at the time. 
People keep asking why I don't do tutorials! I will...ok LOL It's something definitely in the plans for 2011! I promise ;)
The other thing is give aways. I'm at 19 followers now & after asking some other bloggers whats a good number to do your fist giveaway I've settled on 30. Once I get 30 followers I'll have a nice giveaway. Lord knows I need to give away something.. I buy makeup like I have a drug habit! LOL
   Stay beautiful! 
           Brittany xoxo

IMAN Foundation
E.L.F. Cool Bronzer
E.L.F. Complexion Perfection (Highlight)
MAC Mountain High Blush

NYX I Dream of St. Lucia Palette: Pink & Blue
MAC Black Tied Eyeshadow
MAC Smolder Eye Pencil
Maybelline Falsies Mascara

MAC Under World Lipstick
E.L.F Pink Kiss Lipgloss
MAC Currant Lip Liner


  1. hey lovely lady ..i commented here ??? did it vanish ?!? enywhoooo~ your the best . i feel special and loved ! no really i do ...and the NYX I Dream of St. Lucia Palette: Pink & Blue looks hot on you !

  2. Aw thanks for the mention, you're also one of my fave bloggers! I'd love to be a makeup artist.. any tips on how to properly get into it? I'd love to know :D x

  3. Aww Brittany, you are too sweet. Thats so cool that you did makeup for a group. Would love more stories on what that was like.

  4. Thank you Nasheikah!

    Christina there are so many avenues you can take. Go to a MUA course in your area. Network with other people in your area, be a part of it. It's ALL about networking. It's a form of show business even though it's in the background... you have to be in the know. And in my opinion perseverance is key... never give up!

    I'll be doing more "What's going on' segments Alicia. I plan on making it a monthly. I'll definitely be sharing more.