Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Goodies Part 2 A Haul

I got this trio of nail polishes from E.L.F. I love, love , love glitter polishes so I gave it  a shot... I mean you can't go wrong for the price! I really like the Silver & the Gold... the Red not so much. It's not full on glitter like the other two. It's a red polish with flecks of glitter through out.. it's ok. I'll most likely  give it away. That's the great thing about the E.L.F dollar line.. your not so mad if you don't like it. ;)
Top row the trio of lipsticks from E.L.F. ($3) here you can see better the lack of glitter in the red :(
A pair of lashes by E.L.F. ($1). A double sided wand from E.L.F. on clear mascara the other for eyebrows($1). I bought it for the clear mascara. Then I got another of the Eyeliner & Shadow Stick from E.L.F. ($3) I bought it in green & loved it. I really love it in the Smoke (shadow) & Black (liner). I did a smoky eye over the weekend with it:amazing! It's great as an eye base too! They have one more color I believe. E.L.F. please make this in other colors! :-)
Then I got a Sonia Kashuk Fluffy Brush ($4.99) Sorry it's kind of hidden by the Eyeliner & Shadow, but everyone knows what a fluffy brush looks like right? Good. I didn't want to take the pic again! lol 

From Bath & Body Works I got this bath gel from their Summer Vanillas line in Coconut ($10.50)
OMG! This is Delish! The fragrance of it is divine & after you shower or bathe it leaves your skin feeling like butter! I am in love. Then after bathing you apply some of their Intense Moisture Body Butter ($15.00). I got it in Warm Vanilla Sugar. I have really dry skin and since I've been using their body butter (for almost 5 yrs now) my skin is so hydrated and soft for the entire day. I can't live without it. And finally I got their Body Mist in Warm Vanilla Sugar ($12.50). I love a fragrance and these body mists offer a nice array of choices and they're not too strong. I save my more concentrated fragrance for going out at night. I got loads more from this store but they're gifts so I can't post them. The very people they are for read my blog... yes I see you! lol :-)
                                  Happy Holidays Lovlies!     Brittany xoxo


  1. I have to thank you introducing me to elf. since our talk Ive gotten a bunch of stuff and I love it. I also have very dry skin Britt I have to try that butter butter, its a little expensive but I'll give it a shot. love you!

  2. I love anything coconut scented, they smell lovely! Btw i have one of those nail paints (Twinkle) it's so pretty! x