Wednesday, January 5, 2011

15 Random Facts:TAG

I was tagged by Christina from Christina Marie says... for the 15 random facts about me tag so here we go!

 1) My guilty pleasure of the moment is a tv show called Pretty Little Liars on the ABC Family channel . It is not your average teeny-bopper show... it's a murder mystery with the most out there characters! I love it!

2) My favorite drink is Grey Goose, Pineapple Juice & a twist of Lemon yummm ;)

3) I've never been big on chocolate BUT I am in love with the Ferrero Rocher chocolates with the hazelnut center!

4) I've watched The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas so many times I've lost count... with more to come! lol  Love that movie!

5) I worked at MAC when I was like 19... I quit after two weeks! I had never met such a bunch of shady people in my life! Urgh!!!

6) I wrote a fictional novel when I was in my teens. It never saw the light of day!

7) I don't mind texting but I hate when people use it as their only means of communication.. I mean really! Pick up the phone!!!!

8) Ryan Reynolds is so gorgeous to me that when ever I watch one of his movies (I've seen them all! lol) I barely pay attention to the plot! lol

9) I prefer shopping by myself.. no boyfriend, no girlfriends. No interruptions please! 

10) I LIVE for Red Velvet cupcakes!

11) I really love purple lipsticks but I hardly ever wear them. I only have one purple-ish lipstick even. Yet it's my favorite on other people. I know... bizarre : - /

12) My favorite game to play with friends is Taboo.

13) Orange & Red are my favorite colors.. I love warm colors. Orange is so gorgeous!

14) I want to meet & hang out with Chelsea Handler! I LOVE her! 

15) I absolutely have to have fragrance around me at all times. Perfume, scented candles, incense, potpourri, etc... it's a must in my life 24/7 ;)

                                                  Thanks for the tag Christina! ;)


  1. Great Tag...Fun to get to know more about you.
    Your drink sounds really good.

  2. Brittany I think we were separated at birth! lol We have to really hang out one day!