Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making Faces: My Latest

First I have one of my closest friends Jamie. The objective was to give him the non-makeup look. Accentuate the positives and give him a glow without it being readily recognizable that he's wearing makeup. Not only was Jamie a joy to work with and a perfect model he's so damned handsome it was a breeze! ;) 

Next I have Jamie & Donatella. Working with Donatella was rewarding in that I learned a lot about  working with a hooded eye. I have read a lot about it from my inspiration Kevyn Aucoin and watching the amazing Wayne Goss but this was my first on hands experience. I love this pic of them together!

Jamie. Gorgeous!
Thank You to Donatella & Jamie!! 

Brittany xoxo


  1. they look great Brittany. Jamie is handsome!

  2. Great work Britt. They both look fab. Jamie has a nice look I love his hair!

  3. They look great Brittany. Well done

  4. Thank you girls! it's always great to work with friends. Some clients can be another story :-D

    @Keisha: Girl you are next! No matter what you say lol