Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Brushes & Disappointing Haul :(

I've been crazy busy lately guys. I'm finally back home after a quick trip and staying in too it's freezing in NYC brrrrr. I have so much stuff coming up to share with you. One of my favorite things I've gotten recently is some new brushes. It's a travel kit but they're not as small as some can be & they are pretty good quality. The brushes are from MAC and they were limited edition. They are so great I'd love to have more but when I went to MAC and inquired I was told that is it! I Love these brushes! 

After being completely sold on how good Wet n Wild eye shadows are now I was really interested in the new collection they released for 2011. My interest in the new collection was piqued when I read a post on MakeupNme's blog MakeupNme and saw her video! Obviously she was right on the money... and a whole lot of other people feel the same way! Everywhere I went to purchase this collection they were Completely sold out! I went to like 3 Walgreens and 2 RiteAids urgh :( Who'd have thought the day would come when Wet n Wild would be difficult to find! All I could get is one nail polish from the collection. While I really like it that's not what I really wanted! lol 
The nail polish is called Saved By The Blue. I also got a Wet n Wild Lipstick (#549A) and an eye shadow by Covergirl: Raisin, it's my fav by them. I use it as a blush as well ;)


  1. Oh man I hope I can get my hands on the new collection if and when it comes to Canada. Do you know what collection the brushes were from? They look different than the MAC brushes I own.

  2. Britt I really like those brushes And thank you for teaching me I can use eyeshadows as blushes. you the best!

  3. Alicia: I got it from one of the MACs at Macy's department store. When I went to try & get another from a free standing MAC store they told me those are no longer available and that they were only available as a pro item. Obviously I didn't get from a pro store so who knows.. guess I'm just lucky I got it.