Saturday, February 26, 2011

An ELF Haul!

On the top there's the Complete Coverage Concealer. I've been using these products for the last four days so I could give an accurate review on them. This concealer palette is fabulous! It's quite amazing that for $3 I have a product that's comparable to concealers 10 times it's price! It's very creamy and very easy to blend. It fits my skin color well and it's very light..  it doesn't feel too heavy.  It's lasted throughout the day...which is great. The real test will be to see how it works in summer weather. So far, this item is highly recommended! On the bottom right is the Tinted Moisturizer SPF-20. I'm happy to report I like this as well. I was really looking forward to trying this, it's great to have something lighter for when you don't want to wear foundation. At first I was a little leery... when you first put it on the color is a bit off. But, once you work it into your skin (I think fingers are best) it blends in well and has a nice light coverage. If you can find a match for your skin I think his is awesome! And next, the Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder. This is a decent bronzing powder with a slight shimmer... it would have to be very slight for me to like it! It's a cute powder, nothing too special... not as great as their Cool Bronzer (IMO) but for $1 it works!
Next... I got a lipstick in Posh. Honestly I don't like it. The color which looked so rich online is quite dull & the texture is well...icky LOL What I like a whole lot better is the Hypershine Lipgloss! (it's right under the lipstick) It's an awesome lip gloss... nice color pay off & not very very sticky and it tastes so darn good :-D I'll definitely get some more of these. Then I got some brushes! I got 2 Eyeliner Brushes, 1 Blending Eye Brush, 1 Lip Defining Brush and 1 Total Face Brush. I have so many ELF brushes, they're incredibly economical and surprising good quality. What's even more surprising I like the $1 brushes (which these are) more than most the Studio brushes which are $3. There's a few Studio brushes I live by, otherwise these are fabulous! The days are long gone ladies where I thought I had to spend X amount of dollars on brushes for them to be good. Things have drastically changed! Aren't we lucky!

                                   Brittany xoxo


  1. Fab haul! I'd love to try the concealer palette but i don't think they have it in the UK yet :( We've only JUST had the tinted moisturizer! x

  2. I went to target to get the tinted moisturizer and the concealers but they didn't have it. I'm going to keep trying, I want to try it.

  3. It's really great @Christina! ;)

    @Jamie: The Target's near me never have the latest stuff. I have to order it. The target's always have the older stuff, and very little of the Studio Line. Keep checking the site they're always having specials! ;)