Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Lil Drugstore Haulin'

I have finally been somewhat successful in my search of the new Wet n Wild Trios. I got the last two that Walgreen's had in the store. Why are these so hard to find? lol These probably wouldn't have been my first choice to get, but I just wanted to try them so I got what they had! ;)
The first trio is called 'I Got Good Jeans' & the second green one is called 'I Dream Of Greenie'.
As usual the pigment of their shadows are excellent, especially the 'I Got Good Jeans'... it's incredible. When and if ever I run into the rest I'll be sure to get them!

The next items I got are by Black Radiance. The lipstick is a very rich Fuchsia color which reminds me of the 80's...which I love. The lipsticks are numbered, it's #5004. Then I got a gloss.. the Radiant Lip Gloss in #3431. It's a deep cranberry color with gold glitter through out. It's very pretty, not very sticky as some gloss' but I had to reapply often over one evening, so it doesn't last that long. 

Next I'm excited to share my latest favorite IMAN product! IMAN's Perfect Response Oil Blotting  Pressed Powder. I do not know how I survived without this powder up till now. This is the most amazing powder I have EVER used. Coupled with the already very oil absorbing foundations this leaves you with nearly no shine for hours! I like a matte face unless I choose to apply shimmer. I hate it when I have to keep applying powder to keep down the shine...that's why I stopped using MAC foundations. This is yet another winning item from IMAN's makeup line. I swear I get nothing from singing these praises.. her stuff is just that good! Then as recommended by a friend I picked up one of Milani's Metallic Baked Eyeshadows in Purrr-fect Purple. It's pretty, but frankly I expected better pigment from what I had been told. I have even had other shadows by Milani that were more pigmented and they weren't baked. So, not quite a miss, but nothing special. 

I have lot more reviews/hauls coming. NYX, MAC & E.L.F. 
Brittany xoxo


  1. I always find it exciting to see what products are sold in other countries :D x

  2. That powder sounds interesting! Great Post!

  3. I'm going to get that powder today Britt! I'll let you know!