Thursday, February 24, 2011

TAG: How Much Is Your Face Worth?

I'm going to do this TAG about how much your face is. But, I'm going to calculate from what I wear everyday, daytime,etc. I know if I calculated night time it would be so much. So this is what I use on any given day, just going about my day whether it be work or leisure (shopping lol) or whatever. I'm doing the TAG from Christina from Christina Marie says....
Here we go!

1) Clinique  Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - $24.50

2) ELF Complete Coverage Concealer - $3

3) IMAN Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup - $15.99

4) NYC Bronzer - $2.99

5) NYC Translucent Powder - $2.99

6) ELF Eyebrow Kit - $3

7) Jordana Khol Eyeliner (Black) - $1.99

8) Maybelline Falsies Mascara (Black) - $8.97

9) MAC Lip Liner (Brown) - $13

10) ELF Cool Bronzer (as Contour) - $3

11) Wet N Wild Lip Balm - $1

12) MAC Clear Lip Glass - $14.50

The grand total is $94.94. I was hoping it was under one hundred but, even though it is I kind of wish it was less! LOL Hmmmm what I could do with $94! Well... at least I know it's no a waste...
right? *sigh* 

                                   Brittany xoxo


  1. Ah you did it :D At least you use the makeup everday so it isn't going to waste! It seems us girls spend way too much on makeup, haha! x

  2. You forgot something Britt. What do you wash your face with before everything else?

  3. @Christina: I know! Way too much lol ;)

    @Rhada: Thanks a lot Rhada! LOL Now it's over $100
    I wash my face with Clean & Clear it's $5.99