Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh Vanessa!

The exquisite Vanessa Williams photographed for Prestige Magazine. Photographed by Mike Ruiz, makeup by Sam Fine. To Die For! She is so damn beautiful! Let this be your inspiration for the weekend. 
                                              Brittany xoxo

Friday, March 4, 2011

Shopping Haul!

Starting from the left: I got 2 ELF Hypershine Liplosses in Fairy & Blossom $1. Back row: Lipstick by Covergirl in Enthrall Charme. I got four brushes: white brush Sonia Kashuk Shaped Blending Brush $4.99 middle blk brush ELF Studio Blush Brush $3 next Target Medium Shadow Brush $2.49 in front Target Kabuki Brush $5.99. Then I finally got the two Wet n Wild Trios I've been wanting since they came out! Left to right: I'm Feeling Retro & Spoiled Brat $3.99 each.

The Hypershine Lipglosses I feel in love with a few weeks ago, so I just got that they had there.
I lost my Kabuki so I wanted a new one... I haven't really used this one yet but I like the denseness of the bristles I expect it to be good. As you can see there's something against me getting these Wet n Wild trios. I finally got the 2 I've been dying for, then get it home and drops it on the floor and the white in the I'm Feeling Retro breaks :( Grrrr LOL But I have them! & I tried them the pigment is ridiculous! The Covergirl Lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing. I think they've changed their formula, this was not the case in the past. I recommend it!

ps: I went to this store while I was out ONLY to get a new Kabuki. So much for self control! :-D
                                                                                                                                   Brittany xoxo

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I loved wearing this look. Very colorful eyes. Very orange. Very purple. The colors on the eyes are entirely NYX, I will be posting something about NYX very soon... I'm obsessed! NYX is now my favorite when it comes to eyeshadow. Sorry MAC, I Love NYX now ;) Not to say I don't love other products with good pigment ie: Makeup Forever, Inglot, NARS,etc. But when it comes to price & quality... it's NYX all the way baby!
                                                                            Brittany xoxo