Sunday, July 17, 2011

I LOVE These Eyeliners!

I haven't posted in quite sometime, but I'm back! I didn't have a camera for a while and this season I have been very busy. Thank God! LOL Well, I'm choosing one of latest obsessions as the first thing to blog about since my hiatus...  Milani's Liquif'eye Eyeliners... they are Amazing. This is one of those things I kept seeing people review and use in tutorials yet I had never tried them myself. Boy was I missing out.. once I tried them I don't know how I survived without them! 
They go on so smooth & creamy, crazy amazing pigment and once they are on they are ON! As Milani promises they are truly smudge-proof. Once applied if you want to smudge them out move quickly because after 60 seconds or less they don't budge. They are similar to Urban Decay's 24/7 Pencil in this respect. Even if you like using MakeUp Forever's Aqua Liner this would be a good dupe.. they are not waterproof like the MUFE pencil but unless your swimming it would work fine. 
I had an allergy attack one night wearing this liner, wiped my eyes several times... liner was intact!
At $7 a pop it's half the price or less than the other two. Big thumbs up, A must have!

pictured  above are colors: green, blue, purple, and a purple glitter called purple quartz


  1. I bought one of these and then lost it before I had a good chance to try it out. May pick one up again next time I am in the US. Welcome back!

  2. Thank you Alicia! They are really good, can't sing their praises enough! xo

  3. These are the bomb girl! thank you hooking me up!

  4. Your welcome Keisha! lol I still haven't gotten the black one yet like you have... they're always sold out where ever I go! I'll get it one day ;) xx