Friday, December 16, 2011

NYX Nude on Nude Palette

It's surprising being the NYX fanatic that I am.. but I am just getting the Nude on Nude palette! NYX's palette of 20 eye shadows and 10 lip colors is their take on the very popular Naked palette by Urban Decay. The shadows for the most part are a mix of browns & beiges and a white with black and some deeper browns which is perfect for a smoky eye look. There are 8 matte shadows, the other 12 being a mix of shadows with glitter, shine and frost. They are all well pigmented. Having such a mix of textures in my opinion makes it somewhat superior to the UD version. UD is amazing but they're insistence in doing palettes with hardly and matte shades is a bit frustrating.
This palette also comes with 10 lip colors that are selected for the looks made with the shadows. That could be debated, but it's good to have extra lip colors. I myself am not a big fan of lip products with my eye shadow palettes... but that's just Me.  NYX's Nude on Nude is $25 and UD's is $48. At a cost that's nearly half of UD's palette and considering the undeniable quality of NYX's I'd say it's a must have item. I Love It!
(there's also a double sided sponge applicator and lip brush included)