Wednesday, January 25, 2012

L'OREAL Studio Secrets Anti-Dull Skin Primer

I Love this product! It's the Loreal Studio Secrets #2 Anti-Dull Skin Primer which also acts as a corrector. This particular number in the series (#2) is made to compliment deep skin tones. Orangy, peachy tones are always great on people of  color. You get a lot of product considering that you only have to use an extremely small amout per application. The pump dispenses quite a bit of product, don't let it scare you.. a lot will come out. Just take it and blend it in very well until there's an even layer on your skin. It will be very ashy in appearance, but that is ok. On top of the (light) layer you've created then apply your concealer and/or foundation and you will see the benefits it's afforded you. It creates a nice canvas for your foundation and a lovely brigtening quality. Brightening not lightening. I really like this product, and the good thing is it will last forever, the .68 Fl. Oz. you get is ample. Now that I've tried this I want to also try the face primer in this series. I've seen lots of glowing reviews on it. That is next! I purchased it at Target for $13.99

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