Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Revlon Extra Curl Lash Curler

Revlon's lash curlers have long been a favorite of mine. My second favorite in fact, Shu Uemura being first and foremost. Well recently the tide has changed, I'm caught somewhere in the middle. Since having to replace a lash curler...once again! Why do people steal? Urg... I digress
Revlon has updated their lash curlers. The Revlon Extra Curl Lash Curler is really on par with Shu Uemura now... in my opinion. I am absolutely in love with this lash curler! It doesn't pinch your lid at all yet it gets a firm hold of your lashes and curls them seamlessly. The pinching is a problem I find with less expensive curlers ie: ELF or the like. I honestly don't find much of a difference between Revlon & Shu Uemura which is fantastic considering Revlon's is less than half the price.
Shu Uemura is $20 and Revlon is $7.99. I love when I can share a true bargain all the better when the quality exceeds expectations!

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