Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Palette

This palette from Coastal Scents has quickly become one of my favorite I have ever gotten from them. When it comes to a palette of natural colors I think this is their best. Not only are you getting lovely colors for the eyes you're also getting a great mix of blushes. One of the blushes is a very light pink and works perfect as a highlight.. especially for darker skin tones. There is a good mix of shimmer and matte shadows, awesome choice of browns and a couple of beautiful oranges & purples. This is an excellent palette for everyday use, and it's wonderful for brides. You can create a multitude of looks from this one palette. There are two cons, but they are in my opinion very small. There is no actual white and no black. The palette it economical enough that buying those to accompany it isn't a problem...  most people likely have a good black & white already.. For myself the two blushes on the far right more than pay for the whole palette. I love them! They are excellent! I tend to favor La Femme blushes and these are on par with them. Then you get all the lovely eye colors as well. This easily gets 5 stars from me. I got it on sale for about $15. There is always a sale going on their site. I recommend checking for a sale before buying, there is one every week.
I am wearing: eyeshadow - 4th on row 2, 6th on row 2, 5th on row 3  
contour - 7th on row 2.  highlight -   1st on bottom row
blush - the 2 end blushes on the far right