Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Face Primers by RIMMEL

My all time favorite primer is the award winning Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Until recently when it came to a drugstore alternative I would always suggest Revlon's. Recently I kept hearing so much about the RIMMEL primer from other youtubers and bloggers I had to give it a shot.
Much to my surprise once finding them in my local CVS I realized how inexpensive they are and there were 3 of them! Of course I got all three.
I will start with my least favorite. Ok... fine. I don't like it. The Fix & Perfect Primer #001
(far right above) It does nothing for me. It's a creamy peachy color and all it does on my brown skin is make me ashy and it does not prolong the wear of my foundation. It's as if I'm not even wearing a primer. Luckily it was only $6.49 so I don't feel so bad.
The next one I really like. The Fix & Perfect Pro Primer #002 (middle above)
It promises to smooth, resurface, brighten, mattify, and protect your foundation. And also prolong it's wear. I can agree with all these things. It goes on smoothly, it's a creamy white substance that blends into your skin doesn't leave a cast like the other one. I feel it's a great primer in moderate weather. It's downfall is if it's too warm/hot out it ceases to perform after a few hours and it's mattifying properties become nonexistent. Otherwise for the price $6.99, you're getting a pretty decent product. I would recommend it if you're going to work, school, etc but not for extended use outdoors.
The third one... the Stay Matte Primer is my favorite. (first on left above)
This primer gets right to the point. It says it will control shine for up to 8 hours and that its ultra light formula will minimize the appearance of your pores. And it does just that. It is indeed extremely light weight, you will feel as though you're not wearing a primer at all. And, it really does last a long time. It promises 8 hours and I actually got close to 10!  If you can keep me matte that long you're a winner in my book! I use this one the most easily. At $7.99 it was the most of the bunch but still quite affordable. My Smashbox primer is over $30 so it's all a bargain to me.
The Stay Matte Primer is one I would definitely repurchase. 
In comparison none of these offer as smooth a base as Smashbox or other high end primers I'm sure but the last two absolutely do their job and are well worth your money.