Monday, February 20, 2017

Trying Sugarpill Shadows For The First Time...

I had a job coming up where the client needed a very intense purple... but not shimmer. Purple is one of my favorite shadow colors and famously one of the hardest colors for companies to get perfect and rich with pigment. Then I thought of Sugarpill. I've heard so many people swear by their purple.. oddly enough I've tried several times to order their palette with the purple shadow included but it is always sold out. Well I found out they now have individual pans you can buy and the purple was in stock!! So I ordered the the purple (Poison Plum) , yellow (Buttercupcake) & a pink (Dollipop) 
The purple is indeed out of this world. It puts my Makeup Forever purple to shame which is saying a lot being that the Sugarpill pans are $10 and MUFE pans are $21. It has in an instant become my favorite purple shadow. It's a true to life grape purple that totally packs a punch. What a shame I'm just getting it!! Yellow is another favorite shadow of mine. I love yellow shadow on deeper skin tones. That yellow is crazy. I am completely in love. It blows any matte yellow I have out the water. My favorite yellow shimmer is by Inglot... but this matte yellow, just wow! And the pink. I don't have any stand out pink mattes in my collection. So I figured I would pick that one up. It is so intense it's overwhelming. It's's a very blue based, high pigment pink that reminds me of MAC's candy yum yum lipstick. Not for the timid!                                                                            Perfect for Me. Lol
These Sugarpill shadows are no joke. If you are on the market for shadows that have some serious pigment and last for hours (they lasted a full 7 hours, no creasing on me) these are the ones to try. I will DEFINITELY be getting more. Princess Brittany approved! 💃💋


  1. Great review. Makes me want to purchase some myself!

  2. awesome review! can't wait to see you wearing these shadows. I know you will turn it out!

    1. Thank you! I'll make sure a post a photo or two. :)

  3. Nice girl. Cant wait to see you use it

  4. I've used it already! I will post a photo here soon. Promise! ;)